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Elliott R. Corbett II

PVT 11099747 109 INF 28 DIV
Born november 1 1922  -  Died november 19th 1944

Why this website?
When I became an adopter of the grave of Elliott R. Corbett II in June 2010, the first surprise was his name. What does the addition II mean? These initial thoughts quickly gave way to many questions. Who was that soldier? What kind of person was behind the name? Where did he grow up? Who were his immediate family members? Where did he go to school? What were his hobbies? Who were his friends in his early years? What high school did Elliott go to? Was he a good student? Why did you register as a soldier? How did he fare in that war? Where had he been between July 22, 1944 and November 19, 1944, the day he gave his life for our freedom? All questions to which I wanted to find an answer.

It turned out not to be an easy quest. Gradually I found out that not all questions were going to be answered. In the end, two questions remained that I focused on. Who was Elliott as a person and what were the circumstances that led to his death? On this website I want to share what I found with everyone who is interested in Elliott, or Yot as he was also called by many. These are the results of my search. It will not be Elliott's ultimate story. I simply don't know enough to pretend that. But through the search I now consider Yot as a cousin I know a lot about. But also the cousin that I know very little about.

Finally, I would like to thank the Corbett family in particular for the interest shown and the encouraging contacts that have always been there and that, fortunately, are still there to this day. It has strengthened me to do this and to continue to do so.


Chris Leenaars

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