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As I wrote before, the search for the circumstances and cause of Elliott's death was going to be a difficult and lengthy quest. After many years I was able to find a story that could be about Elliott Unfortunately I cannot confirm this story (up to this point) and make it 100% known as Elliott's unique story. The story was found with the cooperation of two leading experts. In any case, it is more than likely that the fate described was also the fate of Elliott R. Corbett II.

Date April 14, 2021

NOVEMBER 19, 1944

On this day, Elliot was captured and classified as a Prisoner of War. (POW). Only later was it announced that he also died on this day. And that seems to me incorrect! Various documents show that Elliott was taken to the Mariawald Monastery seriously injured by the Volksgrenadieren on November 19, 1944. Elliott was taken care for by employees of the Red Cross. From the documents I have collected over time, it appears that Elliott died of his injuries on November 22 at 9:30 am. The date on his gravestone at the US Cemetery in Margraten, Holland therefore does not seem correct to me. Elliott R. Corbett II died on November 22, 1944 in Mariawald Monastery. And that is the only correct date of death. (See page documents)

At the moment I am writing the events that led to Elliott's death. A delicate matter in my view. For that reason it also takes extra time. A story came to me of a US soldier who was found badly wounded and taken to the Mariawald Monastery by German troops. This story took place exactly on the date and on the spot when Elliott was captured and taken to the monastery badly injured. It could just be about Elliott R. Corbett II. Everything seems to be correct, but whether this is also about Elliott requires some research to be able to qualify this as the truth.

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