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A lot of research has been done to present this website as it is until now. That's what I've done in recent years. As far as it is in my power. I have already traveled to Germany a number of times and had the opportunity to speak to a few researchers who know a lot about the battle that took place in the Hürtgenforest. Visits to Germany are not without costs. Searching and retrieving documents (sometimes) also entail costs. As well as keeping this website up and running. It would inspire and motivate me to continue doing even more research where there are still opportunities if someone is willing to make a donation. I would like to thank you in advance for that.

Chris Leenaars

The information I have collected on this website has taken me almost 13 years. Little was known about Elliott R. Corbett II. In particular, the information about the 5 months that Elliott spent in Europe took many years. I also did not want to post information that is incorrect or not at all correct. This story must be authentic. At least that is and remains my sincere intention. If this site gives cause for additions or corrections, I would appreciate it if I would be notified.


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