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Memorial stone

On Tuesday November 1, 2022, Elliott would have celebrated his hundredth birthday. Unfortunately it was not allowed to be. To commemorate his birthday, I have the plan, in collaboration with the museum in Vossenack, to place a Memorial Stone for Elliott R. Corbett II at a location to be determined in Germany. This is an own initiative and will therefore also have to be paid by me. I would really appreciate it if you would like to make a donation for that. Every donor will be regularly informed by me about the progress. Every donation is very welcome.

The information I have collected on this website has taken me almost 10 years. Little was known about Elliott R. Corbett II. In particular, the information about the 5 months that Elliott spent in Europe took many years. I also did not want to post information that is incorrect or not at all correct. This story must be authentic. At least that is and remains my sincere intention. If this site gives cause for additions or corrections, I would appreciate it if I would be notified.


This is an example of the

memorial stone I have in mind.


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