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NOVEMBER 19, 1944


Date April 5, 2021

To this day, little to no documentation has been found as to the exact circumstances and cause of his death. What is known is that Elliott was reported as Missing in Action on November 19, 1944. It is also known that he was found injured by the German Volksgrenadieren on November 19 and was taken to the Monastery of Mariawald. Elliott is injured by artillery fire. It is not known whether this was done by enemy fire or whether it was friendly. Due to the circumstances, that would just as well be a possibility. The injuries were visible on his back and on his neck. Elliott was still able to talk. During his stay in Mariawald Monastery, he was able to give an employee of the Red Cross the addresses of his father and mother. Apparently Elliott realized his injuries were so serious that he was about to die.


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