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Elliott Ruggles Corbett II

Elliott R. Corbett II seems to be the embodiment of the Thacher ideal. His well-rounded personality, abilities, and accomplishments areample proof of this statement, for athletically, scholastically. and socially he has succeeded. In gymkhana, camping, track, and baseball he has excelled. He has never failed to keep his grades above the class average in spite of his many extra-curricular activities. In varied clubs and committees Corb has shown his public-mindedness and has always fulfilled the responsibilities which his classmates have given him. His skill in cooking has made him renowned on campingtrips and shack parties. His free and sincere manner has won him many friends, and anyone unacquainted with him cannot help but feel at home in his presence. Corb’s good-natured smile and basically happy personality are most infectious.

3rd Baseball Team; 4th Soccer Team; Dramatics; Prefect; Bit and Spur Club; Privileges; Photographic Committee.

1st Gymkhana Team; 1st Baseball Team; Captain, 3rd Soccer Team; Bit and Spur Club; Cabinet; A Camper; Glee Club; Dramatics; Debating; Notes Board; Prefect.

1st Gymkhana Team; 1st Track Team; Stable Shop Manager; Secretary, Bit and Spur Club; A Camper; Notes Board; El Archivero Board; 2nd Soccer Team; Debating Team; Glee Club: Dramatics; Ojai Tournament Committee; Indoor Committee: Committee of Ten; Cabinet; Trap-Shooting Team; Privileges.

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Seated:  Mr. Hart (Facility Advisor), Ardrey (Editor)
Standing: Alford (Biography Editor), Elliott R. Corbett II (Business Manager)
Griffith (Calendar)

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